Posted by: Eddie deGuzman | January 1, 2010

Just Keep Swimming!

It’s just after midnight January 1st, 2010.  Happy New Year everyone! Although it won’t be NOW for another 12 hours back in the U.S. So, at the very start of the New Year, I am already ahead of the game! 🙂

Last year I made rather a long list of goals for 2009 and attempted most, accomplished at least half and a few found their way to the corner of my dusty to-do room.  But overall, I’m happy with the results and my resolution resolution. 🙂

This year the list will be shorter. Yes, a stream-lined, aerodynamic list of resolutions, goals and promises to keep me moving in the direction I’d like to be moving in.

Goals for 2010

  1. Talk to my friends and family more.
  2. Eat and sleep better.
  3. Practice aikido kokyu exercises everyday, aikido technique everyday and expand training.
  4. Keep up the running and cycling.
  5. Take photos weekly.
  6. Make music daily.
  7. Be more organized.
  8. Be a nicer, better person.

I believe it was Confuscius who said around 500 BC  “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” In that regard I suppose man is like the shark, if ever we do stop swimming, we’ll die. Less shark-like and more Dory-like, onward into the new year I go! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. Just keep swimming! 🙂

Posted by: Eddie deGuzman | December 3, 2009

Fall Colors 2

Here is the second batch of pictures. The colors are amazing. I’m quite happy with how they turned out.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Posted by: Eddie deGuzman | December 3, 2009

Fall Colors 1

I’ve been playing with the camera lately and visited Shiranoe Botanical Garden in Moji-ko. This is the first batch of pics. I got some pretty good shots of the Fall colors.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Posted by: Eddie deGuzman | November 28, 2009

Aikido, One Year Later

A year has passed since I started this blog and put up a few aikido and karate video .  My lower back is feeling a lot better these days, although I doubt it will ever be completely healed.  But less pain makes for better aikido practice.  I can see improvement in my centered-movement, but I can also see where my balance is off in certain techniques.  My excellent partner is Mr. Matsunaga.  We always have a good training session when we partner up.

I had to opt for a lower quality setting on my camera in order to get longer video(Boo-hoo!).  Then the video had to go through conversion to be edited.  I think it might be easier to edit my aikido technique than edit video files.


Posted by: Eddie deGuzman | October 21, 2009

Fall Changes

Last night’s workout was really good. Since the summer, there have been fewer members in class, but there was a good crowd of about 14 people so there was a lot of energy in the air. If martial arts involves any one thing, it involves repetition. It doesn’t matter what art you study or how good you are. You have to repeat movements over and over again until they become second nature. That means everyone has to practice. And for me it means I have to rediscover what someone has already tried to teach me a hundred or even a thousand times before.

A few of the points I’d like to remember from last night…

Legs, center and connection points should move in unison.

Techniques don’t have to be forced if you have proper movement, kokyu, positioning, etc. For example, it isn’t necessary to wrench uke’s neck/head/body around when executing iriminage. It can be done just as easily with a soft touch.

I need to offer my arms to be grabbed and have a lower stance.

Rise with my knees, not my hands.

Keep working on yonkyo.

Fall is here and it’s time for the colors to change as they always do, repeating the movement of the seasons. Here’s hoping that all my falling in the dojo leads to colorful changes in my aikido. 🙂

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