Lumix FZ28


This camera is really cool. It takes up to 10.1 megapixel pics and high definition video.  It’s what is known as a bridge or super zoom camera.  Basically it has the functionality of an SLR, but you can’t change lenses.  The lense it does have is a nice LEICA lense that has a range of 27mm-486mm.  It uses SD cards. I currently have up to an 8gb size card.

I discovered that it has 46mm threads which isn’t very popular here in Japan.  With the adapter for converter lenses the thread size increases to 55mm. I picked up a muticoat protective filter, UV and macro filter from Kenko, 46mm.  I also picked up the optional ac adapter.  With a nice case and tripod, my camera gearage is slowly increasing.



  1. I love that camera. I got it last Christmas and still am learning new things!

  2. Hi Wolfgang, it’s a great camera, isn’t it! I’m still learning myself. The HD video is nice. I took most of my martial arts clips with it. The battery life is amazing. It’s the best camera I’ve ever had. But, of course, a year later now and something is probably pushing it into obsolescence.

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