November 21, 2008

Overall, not bad for over a decade without training.  Blatant faults:  I lift my feet now which is odd because in aikido we slide around so much.  Maybe I’m not used to the longer stances of karate now.  I’ll work on that.  In some places I don’t always have full rotation and locking of the hips which might be due to my deteriorated disk. I’ll test it out and see. I’m still not quite as comfortable with the kata as I used to be and I need to breathe a little more life into the kata.  Constructive criticism is welcome.

Pinan Shodan

Pinan Nidan

Pinan Sandan

Pinan Yondan

Pinan Godan


Bassai Sho

Shiho Kusanku




  1. Hi Eddie,
    The videos don’t seem to play for me. But, from looking at the stills, here are some thoughts:
    – Kihon Shodan: Your front knee is too far forward in your front stance; the knee should be able to apply immediate downward force to the ball of the foot, in the picture, your knee is ahead of the toe, too much of a good thing. Moving backwards would require the knee to move back, then, the weight transfer to begin. (if that makes any sense to you…) I’m not sure if you trained in the days of very low stance, but, as you know, I’m not a fan.

  2. Hi Jon, I think the embedded video took up too much memory so I placed each kata on a separate page. I checked the video and I think the automated clip for Kihon Shodan is after I started to move forward into the lunge punch. It’s a good point though. Let me know when you see the vids. Cheers.

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