January 16, 2009






  1. 黒帯じゃん!!

  2. 知らなかった?That means you didn’t look at the videos! ばりた!;)

  3. っははははー((笑(焦


  4. 勉強になりました!ブログのTHEME を変えました。紫色はだめかな。。。?

  5. こういうのTHEMEっていうんだ~

  6. Wow Eddie! I know I don’t study Karate myself. But after years of watching katas being performed at clinics and all the other various events I have to say that you look fantastic! Your moves are so crisp and decisive, there’s not hesitancy, each move is very quick, there’s a definitive start, neither your hands nor your stances are shaky. It’s really amazing! You look like you’re really enjoying all your training! 🙂

  7. Hi and thanks Carrie! I don’t train in karate anymore and haven’t for ages. The videos were basically to help make a point in a discussion I was having with Jon Sakata from Hawaii on martial theory, more specifically balance, stance and power generation. And let’s not forget the ever-important need to relax. Nice to know that someone actually watched the vids! 😉

  8. Wow! Ok, the fact that you haven’t done this in years just emphasizes just how good you are! Not to say that it’s perfect, because I saw Jon had a couple of pointers for you 🙂 Which is never a bad thing! But I still think you move very crisply and fluidly! Keep up the Taikido and work on your Karakidio??? What would you call your karate aikido mesh you mentioned? 🙂

  9. Carrie, Jon’s comments are from when I had JUST put up the vids and made them private and he couldn’t see them. He could only see the thumbnail pic of the kata. It was frozen in an awkward place. But he was right in that I show the bottom of my feet on longer stances. I believe this can be attributed to my focus of maintaining balance. If you’ve ever seen tai chi done, you’ll notice that they always bring their feet to center before moving. And when they do, they step with the heel(hence showing the sole of the foot), not the ball of the foot. It’s a habit I’ve developed now, but maybe not such a bad thing if I’m balanced. This is not to say that moving from the balls of the feet is a bad thing. It’s just that there are different goals and foci.

    A ghost from the past just found me on YouTube so I just had another look at the vids. I’m sure I can do better. My back is feeling much better. (Thank you Mr. Chiropractor!) I’ll have another run through this month some time and repost the vids.

    Thanks for the kind words on my kata. 🙂 I’ve been having second and third thoughts on the mixing of things. There are just certain aspects to the arts that don’t match up well. But that doesn’t mean that underlying principles can’t support each art! I’m sure of that much. But similar to what Sensei did with the likes of Aiki Kata, I can see the formation of kata as a method of self-improvement. It does open the door for a lot of bad things, though, if you’re not careful.

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