About Eddie

Living in Japan

Studying aikido under Kimio Kuroishi Sensei, 8th dan Aikikai and student of Morihei Ueshiba.

Studying Japanese.

Play the guitar and record music as a hobby.



  1. Hey Eddie, I finally got around to checking your blog out. Nice site. Well written and the short vids are a great way to demonstrate the key points you make about Aikido. Alex

  2. Thanks Alex. I just picked up my early X-mas present, a Lumix FZ28 camera, so I’ll try to put up some better images/video. Maybe you could contribute some info on ki since you studied yoga seriously. No hurries, no worries. 😉

  3. Hello Eddie,

    The video of practice (Nov 14th) is great! I enjoy reading your blog entries, too.


  4. Hi and thanks Laurel,
    The video isn’t that exciting(exhibition type stuff) to look at compared with a lot of video on youtube, etc. It was a little daunting deciding to put video on the internet. Kinda like the entire planet seeing you naked. So thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

  5. Great site Eddie I will be checking in from time to time. Great to reconnect with you my friend.

  6. Thanks Chuck. Stop by anytime. Always good to remember the days of endless energy and no back pain. Did we train like crazy back then or what!

  7. hey bro. i love your song “Overcome”. It makes me miss you even more. Love the site. You rock big brother.

  8. 先日の千種ホテルの再会はおどろきでした。

  9. Eddie! I just saw your post on Karate and while there are many variations of Kata, I found yours to be exactly the same as mine. Any relation to the Dai Nippon Botoku Kai organization?


  10. I studied karatedo ages ago under DNBK, but study aikido under the Aikikai nowadays. Good training to you!

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