Posted by: Eddie deGuzman | November 28, 2009

Aikido, One Year Later

A year has passed since I started this blog and put up a few aikido and karate video .  My lower back is feeling a lot better these days, although I doubt it will ever be completely healed.  But less pain makes for better aikido practice.  I can see improvement in my centered-movement, but I can also see where my balance is off in certain techniques.  My excellent partner is Mr. Matsunaga.  We always have a good training session when we partner up.

I had to opt for a lower quality setting on my camera in order to get longer video(Boo-hoo!).  Then the video had to go through conversion to be edited.  I think it might be easier to edit my aikido technique than edit video files.




  1. A year has passed since I commented your blog first time!!
    I still couldn’t read almost your blog….
    I want to be able to read all it sometime.

  2. Hi Risa! Time flies, doesn’t it? I miss you! How is life without me? ;-( I hope you’ll understand everything someday. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!(From Finding Nemo)

  3. Hi Eddie!I think so, too!!I’ll become 16 years old soon.
    Nemo!!! 懐かしいねぇ~

  4. Happy early Birthday and Merry early Christmas! Will you give an English speech this year?

  5. Thanks(∀)ノ
    It meens I’ll make an English speech in the contest, doesn’t it?
    There is not the good speaker like you in my High school.

  6. But there is a good speaker like you! You should try. Nothing will ever happen if you don’t try! I’ll help you anytime I can. 🙂

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