Posted by: Eddie deGuzman | October 5, 2009

A Place for Everything…Musical



I was asked to lend vocals on a song so over the weekend I stopped by Dan’s place and we put my voice into the digital realm.  Dan’s got a great set-up for recording.  Not only does he have assorted instruments all over the place, he’s got some pretty serious recording gear at the center of which is a 24 track multitrack recorder.  I was really impressed with how he had everything laid out/set-up to easily record.  One thing I’m definitely going to do is get a little pocket wall hanger like he has to hold individual cables and adapters of different sizes.

I moved the lap top and 19″ monitor into the Roland KR-577 digital piano room and hooked up the new Zoom audio interface and PC.  I laid down 3 tracks on the piano’s internal sequencer, then fed it into Reaper recording software and added a 4th track.  I then played a simple drum pattern from the piano live alongside the already recorded 3 tracks.  I could have done that on the piano as well, but I didn’t think of it until afterwards.

The whole process was simpler than I thought. I think I might utilize the Roland in more recordings so I’m thinking of relocating all of my music gear to the same downstairs room in hopes it all might pro-create something interesting.


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