Posted by: Eddie deGuzman | August 22, 2009

Aikido, I Love this Stuff!

Where was that one point again?

Where was that one point again?

In the post, Off-Centered, I mentioned not moving from my center for a particular technique, ikkyo.  That may be true just as much as it may not be true.  Tonight at aikido workout, I was “schooled” in ikkyo.  Apparently, there is the basic ikkyo typical of Aikikai that takes the attacker back and past his/her own center and down to the mat.  That style of ikkyo rarely seems to work at my dojo and I’ve narrowed it down to people being just too good.  Everyone has a naturally strong and low stance and it is just too difficult to move their entire bodies in this way.  At the extra-curricula dojo I visit, it works on all but perhaps two people there.  They prefer the same exact technique but with a more centered focus.  And that seemed to work for the two stronger aikidoka.  It even seemed to work on someone at my dojo, below me in rank.  However, it did not work on those above me.

Tonight a light was switched on and I caught a glimpse/feel for my dojo’s style of ikkyo.    It starts out the same and finishes the same.  And it probably looks the same from the outside.  But it feels completely different.(It actually felt like yonkyo in a way.)  It’s a remarkable thing when the difference between ineffective and effective aikido is changing your own mind.  And THAT’S why I love this stuff!

So, it takes an infinite amount of time to get it right?

So, it takes an infinite amount of time to get it right? Swell.



  1. u are awesome!

  2. Thanks, it’s nice that my little sister thinks so. 🙂

  3. Hi!
    I was glad to meet you.
    Do you plan to come to the “Embukai” on October 25?

  4. Hi Daisuke, I didn’t know you were having an embukai. If I’m free, I’ll go.

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