Posted by: Eddie deGuzman | February 13, 2009

Playing with Dragonflies

by Eddie deGuzman

Since I’ve dragged karate back into my training, I decided I’d do the same with iaido.  I studied Muso Shinden Ryu long ago for not nearly long enough.  And just for the occasion I am now the proud owner of a new iai sword courtesy of the Tozando shop in Kyoto(And a passle of yen!).  Yeah, me!  The sword is much better than what I originally learned with.  It has a dragonfly theme symbolic of the inability of a dragonfly to turn it’s head to see where it’s been. Thus, it’s only concern is moving forward.  I practiced for the first time with it after aikido Monday night and it felt great.  I wish I could say the same for my technique.  Here are a few pics.



  1. The sword is very nice !
    And your cat is so cute !!!

  2. Hi Risa,

    Thank you! I have one more sword and TWO more cats! 🙂

  3. Hello,Eddie.
    I will practice aikido today.
    uh,,, about twenty minutes later.
    By the way, I saw the picture that you took.
    Some of them have downloaded.
    Eddie, I heard you go to other schools.
    But, don’t need to worry, because you have your blog, and I have my blog, too. This is my blog.
    If difficult to understand Japanese, I’m sorry.
    In other words, they can talk at any time.
    I hope that you can enjoy in other school.
    See you next time.

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