Posted by: Eddie deGuzman | January 10, 2009

First Aikido Workout of 2009

by Eddie deGuzman

Ours is a small dojo here on the outskirts of Fukuoka at the tip of Kyushu in a back corner of Kitakyushu and a 45 minute drive from my house.  Last night was the first workout of the new year and about twenty people showed up for practice.  That’s quite a good showing for us seeing as we are in a small dojo. (See the November 14th page.)  It was quite crowded and lively and and I had an excellent workout.  It’s rare for me since my back went out of whack in November 2007.  But just before practice things popped into place and all was good.  Three surprises on the mat. Two techniques I’d never seen before from two different people.  And the third surprise was the biggest of all, atittude.  It looks like 2009 is already surprising me with good things.  And we have the 新年会, New Year’s party. tonight.  Yep, 2009 is looking good!

Goals for this year.

1.  Move more.

2. Move better.

3. Strengthen center.

4. Practice with bokuto and jo.

5. Catalog techniques and develop an individual practice routine.

6. Practice outside of dojo.

7. Restart iaido in March.

8. Expand karate kata set.

9. Experiment with other types of martial movement.

10. Be positive.


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